Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard?

Have you ever felt like sheer panic rolling down a hill? Or even a little nervous standing at the top of the quarter pipe in your skatepark? I definitely have, especially in skate spots where other people seemed fine!

My awesome new board: Pictured Above. 75mm OJ Thunder Juices and 215mm Independent trucks

Well, where am I going with this? You’re probably asking yourself. I tested some new hardware on my skateboard, and you will understand what I’m explaining. Down below, I have a picture of my skateboard with a short wheelbase. The board size is 8.25 (normal) but the width of the trucks are very small, I’m guessing 110mm, lol. This would be an incredibly sketchy skateboard to ride at the skatepark. And those trucks came off a penny board yeah it’s a pretty dramatic example of why short trucks suck. So everyone knows that right? Nobody skates trucks this tiny, the average person at least. Well, what about my wheels?

Well, I have been riding a set of Enjoi wheels (also pictured below) for a long time, a very, very long time, and I never realized their impact on my experience until I stopped using them. No disrespect to Enjoi btw they’re just old. I ended up pulling the wheels off my Land Yacht ’97, which, at the time it had 63mm Hawgs wheels.

Shittiest skateboard known to man, 110mm trucks and golf ball sized wheels.

I actually went crazy with this idea and made a lifted and wide stanced skateboard. Kinda like a big pickup truck. I ordered 215mm Independent trucks, the most giant damn pair of trucks any website sells, even for longboards! I was considering 169 mm wide hollowed trucks, which would save me a lot of weight on a skateboard that I admit is very heavy.

My Land Yacht ’97 with my old Hawgs wheels on them with some also very wide trucks.

But like I said. I decided to go big or go home, which meant ordering some OJ Thunder Juices. Those 75mm wheels are so much bigger than my old red Hawgs wheels (63mm) I had on there, and comparing them to my Enjoi wheels is a joke. But, I will say that I love these wheels so far. Doing flip tricks or grinds are kind of off the table though.

Let me know what you think of the grip job in the comments.

In conclusion, if you are having problems, are scared of speed, or want a smoother ride. I would remove your hard street skating wheels and change your old narrow trucks out. It’s a ton of fun! And you’ll definitely have the craziest and fastest board out of all your friends.

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